Enabled Employment

Enabled Employment is a labour hire and recruitment company which represents the real diversity of the Australian population. Our candidates come from all backgrounds, people with a disability, carers, former Australian Defence Force Personnel and their supporting family, senior Australians and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and LGBTI community.

Enabled Employment is unique in Australia, being a diversity led company which provides candidates who are highly capable people with award wage or above employment opportunities. We put skills and qualifications first, and ensure it is easy for businesses to fill skill gaps, while ensuring their diverse workforce boosts innovation and productivity. 

The company is a private recruitment company with a new approach to eliminating barriers to employment for skilled and qualified candidates, putting skills and experience first. Enabled Employment brings together multiple innovative elements to make this happen, including the use of remote work, the employment agency business model, artificial intelligence, and the latest cloud technology to make the process easy for businesses and candidates.

All staff at management level and candidates of Enabled Employment belong to an identified diversity group, and we operate in a private sector environment. We use positive discrimination to quarantine roles for employers for candidates from specific diverse backgrounds, or advertise to all diversity groups. The company is proud to engender a culture which recognises diversity drives innovation, and employing people from all backgrounds has been proven to increase productivity and innovation in all ventures, private, public and not-for-profit.

Jessica May (Chief Executive Officer) Jessica May Chief Executive Officer

Jess May is the founder and owner of Enabled Employment, a bold internet company which provides employment opportunities for people with disability and other groups from diverse backgrounds. The idea for the company came from Jess’ own experience as a worker with a disability.

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April Armistead (Business Manager) April Armistead Business Manager

April grew up in a family with a sister who has an intellectual disability and a cousin with cerebral palsy, and is passionate about assisting people with disabilities. April worked for three and a half years working in the Disabilities, Sickness and Carers and Retirements area of Department of Human Service before branching out into the wider public service.

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Vikki Pulea (Recruitment Officer) Vikki Pulea Recruitment Officer

Vikki is the proud mum of a beautiful baby girl, and the supporting family of an ADF member. Vikki has extensive experience in recruitment in the private sector, and is passionate about matching people with their ideal job. She is determined to focus her energy to advance inclusion and diversity in recruitment and employment, and believes there is much to be done to change the way employers see the skills and abilities of our inclusion groups. Vikki is a real people person, enjoying speaking with and meeting our candidates and employers as our first point of contact in the office.

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