Enabled Employment

Mrs Jessica May is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of the innovative new start-up Enabled Employment which is a labour hire company for people with a disability. Enabled Employment is unique in Australia and possibly the world with its approach of using flexible arrangements to enable highly capable people with a disability to find productive and well-paid employment. Enabled Employment makes it easy for businesses to fill skill gaps. 

The company is a commercial private entity with an entirely new approach to eliminating barriers to employment for people with a disability.  Enabled Employment has brought together multiple innovative elements to make this happen including the use of remote work, the employment agency business model and the latest cloud technology to make the process easy for businesses and candidates.

All staff at management level and candidates of Enabled Employment are people with disability. The enterprise is unique – operating in a private sector environment and employing only people with disability, hence the description ‘for people with disability – run by people with disability’. The company is proud to engender a culture which recognises people with disability have skills and talents which are highly valuable to businesses, and to the company itself. 

Jessica May (Chief Executive Officer) Jessica May Chief Executive Officer

Jess May is the founder and owner of Enabled Employment, a bold internet company which provides employment opportunities for people with disability. The idea for the company came from Jess’ own experience as a worker with a disability.

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Chris Delforce (Chief Information Officer) Chris Delforce Chief Information Officer

Chris Delforce is an accomplished businessman, who has conducted Sozo Production (www.sozo.com.au) as the Chief Executive Officer since 2011. He is Enabled Employment's Chief Information Officer, and his experience in building, hosting and managing websites is extensive.

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Sharon Kelley (Media Liaison and Communications Manager) Sharon Kelley Media Liaison and Communications Manager

Sharon is a journalist with 25 years experience as a writer and communicator, and has worked for the public, private and community sectors. She joined Enabled Employment as the Media Liaison and Communications Manager in April 2014.

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Belinda Grey-McCreath (Operations Manager) Belinda Grey-McCreath Operations Manager

Belinda is the Operations Manager for Enabled Employment. Belinda was a paediatric and intensive care nurse for nine years, during which time she came to appreciate both the value of, and quality of life. She is passionate about empowering people to achieve their goals through working with Enabled Employment.

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April Armistead (Business Development Manager) April Armistead Business Development Manager

April grew up in a family with a sister who has an intellectual disability and a cousin with cerebral palsy, and is passionate about assisting people with disabilities. April worked for three and a half years working in the Disabilities, Sickness and Carers and Retirements area of Department of Human Service before branching out into the wider public service.

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Natalie Brewis (Recruitment Officer) Natalie Brewis Recruitment Officer

Natalie is a married to a current serving ADF member and is a mother of 3. She knows the journey, which is Defence life and has an in depth understanding into the trials and experiences surrounding those diagnosed with Autistic Spectrum disorders.

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