Privacy Policy

1.   Preliminary

1.1.   Enabled Employment (“Provider”, “our”, “us” or “we”) provides this Policy to inform its Users about the policies and procedures related to the collecting, using and disclosing of personal data we obtain from our users (the “Website”).

1.2.   This Policy includes only the information that you submit to the Site.

1.3.   This Policy can be updated occasionally. We will inform you about any changes by uploading the new Policy on the Website. You are strongly encouraged to inform yourself about the possible policy updates regularly.

1.4.   Unless otherwise stated by this Policy, regulations used in this Policy have the same meanings as in our Terms which are available at

1.5.   As mentioned in this policy, the terms “using”, “collecting” and “processing” data include using of cookies, using the information for the statistical or other similar analysis, including, but not necessarily limited to other appropriate data processing, collecting and/or using within our organisation, on our Website or among our affiliates in Australia or internationally.

1.6. This Policy is in a complete accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) which are contained in schedule 1 of the Privacy Act 1988 (the Privacy Act) according to the requirements and recommendations issued by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner of the Australian Government on January, 2014. More information about these Principles at

1.7.   Please be advised that you are required to read and accept this Policy before being able to use our Website and/or Services. In addition, you are strongly encouraged to carefully examine all sections and articles of this Policy in your best interest.

2.   Data Collection and Use

2.1.   Our main objective in the data collecting process is to ensure improvements of our Website, services, and content, including its appropriate functioning.

2.2.   In the course of the Services usage (whether as an Business or Freelancer), we may require you to provide us with certain information, and/or grant us access to certain information, and/or permission to obtain it, that can be used for the purposes of contacting or identifying you. This information may include among other things your name, business name, email address, address and/or phone number (“Personal Data”).

2.3.   In case you use our Services to make or receive payments, we will also require certain Personal Data such as credit card information, PayPal or other similar financial information, including the billing address.

2.4.   Please note that we may gather additional Personal Data to confirm your identity, including your date of birth or an identification number. In addition, we may request certain documents to verify the data you provide us with, such as a copy of your government-issued document or photo, including its authentication against the third parties databases and/or a credit report.

2.5.   You can register to use the Services directly via the Website or by logging into your account through a third party social networking services such as Facebook or similar. If you choose to register via these networks, we may use the Personal Information you have provided to them in order to create your account; the information we use may depend on the privacy settings you have with these networks.

2.6.   The Personal Information about you that has been obtained as being previously described exclude the Provider from responsibility for its accuracy, legality, or non-infringement.

2.7.   You may link your account to your social network account, in which case these social networks may share certain data about you with users of these networks, as well as sharing certain data about other users with you. You hereby guarantee that you are entitled to use your social network account for the purposes described herein according to the terms and policies of these networks.

2.8.   PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT YOUR RELATIONSHIP WITH ANY OF THE SOCIAL NETWORKS IS GOVERNED SOLELY BY THEIR TERMS AND POLICIES WITH YOU. If your social network is terminated regardless of the reasons, then features enabled through the link between your account on this Website and your social network account will be terminated as well.

2.9.   We collect other data that you provide us with in connection with your use of the Services such as postal/zip code, individual preferences and other non-identifying data.

2.10.   We collect additional Non-Identifying data from the Users in connection with their profiles such as information on previous jobs, skills, tests taken, hourly pay rates and similar.

2.11.   We use your Personal Data with the primary goal to provide you with our Services, complete necessary transactions, and administer your requests.

2.12.   Certain Non-Identifying data would be treated as a part of your Personal data if they are to be combined for example combination of your postal/zip code with your address for the purpose of identification and similar.

2.13.   We can combine your Personal data with Non-Identifying data and combine it with information collected from other Users in order to provide you with the improved quality of the Service, including better comprehension of how our Website and Service are being used. We may also combine information in the previously described way to serve you for specific purposes such as providing you with a service according to your preferences or restrictions.

2.14.   We may also use your Personal data to contact you with our newsletters, marketing or promotional materials and other similar information of interest for you and your use of this Website. You can decide at any moment that you no longer wish to receive such information from us, by following the unsubscribe instructions on this Website.

3.   Work Records

3.1.   We collect data to create work records, which improve communication between Businesses and Freelancers related to the projects. These Work Records may include projects related data such as memos, webcam shots, reminders, time logs, including the number of keyboard and mouse clicks.

3.2.   We may use the information from Work Records for statistical analysis, services development, improvements and research. Please note that we do not treat information collected from the Work Diaries as Personal Data, but we can use such information in combination with other Personal Information, or analyse, process and evaluate such information for the purposes mentioned above.

4.   Log Data

4.1.   When you visit our Website as both our registered user and non-registered user our servers automatically record and store information that your browser provide in the form of the appropriate log data.

4.2.   The Log Data may include the following information such as your IP address, browser type and software version, the time spent on our pages, information you are looking for on our Website, and other relevant data and statistics. Additionally, we may use third party services for example Google Analytics to collect, evaluate and analyze this type of data in order to increase our Website’s functionality, effectiveness and user-friendliness.

4.3.   We may also use other third party services for the similar purposes that will allow us to collect information about how you use our Website. We may also record mouse and keyboard clicks and movements, including page scrolling and similar.

4.4.   The data collected in the previously described way do not include banking or payment details or credit card numbers. These third party service providers use their own terms and policies which may differ from ours.

4.5.   Please note that we do not treat Log Data as Personal Information, but we may use it in combination with other Personal data, analyse, process and evaluate such Log Data for the previously mentioned purposes.

5.   Cookies

5.1.   Please note that we may use “cookies” to collect data. All Users are strongly advised to inform themselves about the cookies and their potential influence on privacy.

5.2.   We use cookies in the following ways:

5.2.1. We use cookies to save a User’s registration ID and login password for future visits to the Website.

5.2.2. We use cookies to enable some features of the Website, including the better understanding of how you use or interact with the Website.

5.3.   You can adjust your browser, by changing the certain options, to prevent using or accepting cookies at the moment or in the future. However, you have to be aware that because of this you may not be able to use all features of the Website.

6.   Phishing Protection

6.1.   Please be advised that we are taking all measures possible to protect our Users from the malicious practices known as phishing. However, we cannot guarantee with an absolute certainty the protection in this matter.

6.2.   For these reasons we will not at any moment request your credit card or other payment details, your account ID or password, and similar. In order to ensure yourself a better protection you are strongly advised to inform about the phishing threats and additional ways of protection.

7.   Data Sharing and Disclosure

7.1.   In case you choose to use our Service either as an Business or Freelancer you are required to create a profile, which can be publicly viewed on our Website. Your profile may include information such as your profile picture, name, location, working history, skills, tests, pay rates and similar.

7.2.   You can edit, modify or update your User’s profile through the options in your account.

7.3. Please note that all issues related to the disclosure and sharing of your privacy information including the potential complaints procedures will be regulated with a separate document Disclosure and Complaints Policy.

8.   Projects

8.1.   In case you choose to post a project via the Website as an Business, its contents will become viewable on the Website. Your project posting may include the following information such as budget, location, your other projects, and similar.

8.2.   At the moment you post a project you will be given an option to decide whether or not this project in question will become a public or private one.

8.3.   In case you choose to apply for a certain project as a Freelancer by using our Services, then your profile related information may become viewable as previously described.

9.   Feedbacks and Ratings

9.1.   We collect feedback and ratings from users about their opinion regarding certain projects and other Users.

9.2. Please note that once posted your feedback and ratings will become publicly viewable on the Website.

10. Project Diaries

10.1.   We will disclose information contained in the Project Diaries only to the Business and with other Users who have a direct interest for the Project in question.

10.2.   The Users themselves are provided with an option to review, evaluate and edit the information from the Project Diaries before it is being submitted in the final phase for billing at the end of the working week.

11. Combined and Non-Identifying Data

11.1.   We may share combined data that does not include any Personal Information including the disclosure of the Non-Identifying and Log Data with third parties for appropriate purposes.

11.2.   Any combined data shared in these situations will not include your Personal Information.

12. Providers of the Services

12.1.   Please note that we may engage third parties for the purposes of facilitating our Services, to enable certain Services on our behalf, including Site-related maintenance and analysis services.

12.2.   These third parties may have access to your Personal Data only within the scope of these tasks with an obligation not to disclose it under any circumstances.

13. Legal Issues

13.1.   Please note that we are required to fully comply with government and law enforcement officials for the purpose of enforcing certain legal requirements.

13.2.   We are obliged to disclose any personal information to the government or law enforcement officials when it is necessary or required to respond to claims and legal proceedings, to protect our rights or protect the safety and the rights of any other person.

14. Business Related

14.1.   Please note that we may sell, transfer or share some or all of our assets, including your Personal data among other things, due to the merging, acquisition, reorganising or sale of our assets for the business related reasons.

15. Changes Related To Your Personal Information

15.1.   All users may review, evaluate, update, correct, change or delete their Personal Information at any given moment with our assistance or by themselves. In case you completely delete all personal data, then your account may easily become useless. Please be aware about this eventuality.

15.2.   Please note that your Personal data may remain in our archives as long as that is required for the functioning of our Website or Services. In addition, we may retain or archive copy of your records when required by the government or law officials.

15.3.   Please note that neither a User nor the Provider can delete all records of information that has been previously shared with other Users on the Website.

16. Security and Safety

16.1.   We are absolutely devoted to ensuring the top level of protection when it comes to your data. The security of your personal information is one of our top priorities. However, we cannot guarantee you absolute protection and safety in this field.

16.2.   Please note that all of your information which has something to do with financial transactions such as credit card numbers and similar, are encrypted with the use of the top technologies in this field.

16.3.   When it is required, we may encrypt other relevant information which is not directly related to the financial transactions.

16.4.   Please note that we will disclose any of the confidential and/or encrypted electronically stored personal information in the following situations with our obligation to inform you immediately about these actions:

16.4.1. The requirements and needs of law enforcement; or

16.4.2. When it is necessary to restore the integrity of our data system.

17. International Data Transfers

17.1.   Please note that your information can be transferred and stored to servers located outside of your country or governmental jurisdiction where the privacy laws may not be as protective as you may expect.

17.2.   If you are located outside Australia and choose to submit information to us, we may transfer your Personal Data to Australia and processes it there. You accept this in the Privacy Policy by your submission of such information to us.

18. Links to the Third Party Sites

18.1.   Our Website includes links to other websites. In case you click on these third party links, you will be directed to their website.

18.2.   Please note that these links are not an endorsement, authorisation or representation of our affiliation with these third parties, nor they present an endorsement of their privacy, security policies or practices.

18.3.   Please note that we do not have control over third party websites. These websites may use their own cookies on your computer, collect privacy data or solicit personal data from you.

18.4.   Please note that these sites apply different rules when it comes to the use or disclosure of the personal data you submit to them. We advise you to inform about the privacy policies of these websites you visit.

19. Privacy Policy Toward Minors and Children

19.1.   This Website is not supposed to be used by persons under 18. We do not knowingly collect personal information from children under 13.

19.2.   In case a parent or guardian becomes aware that a child has submitted Personal Data without their consent, he or she are to contact us at

19.3.   In case a child under 13 has submitted Personal Data, we will use all means and reasonable efforts to delete such data from our Website.

20. Contact and Additional Information

20.1.   If you have any question or doubt about this Privacy Policy, please contact us at


With this document we are confirming that our Privacy Policy has been updated for the last time on March 31, 2014. In addition, we are hereby to guarantee that our Privacy Policy including all accompanied documents is in an absolute accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) which are contained in schedule 1 of the Privacy Act 1988 (the Privacy Act) according to the requirements and recommendations issued by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner of the Australian Government on January, 2014.


The following Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) are contained in the following sections of our Privacy Policy and its associated documents according to the recommendations included in the Privacy Fact Sheet 17 issued by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner of the Australian Government on January, 2014.

Australian Privacy Principle 1 - open and transparent management of personal information

Section 1 Article 1.3.
Section 1 Article 1.5.
Section 1 Article 1.6.
Section 2 Article 2.1.
Section 2 Article 2.2.
Section 2 Article 2.3.
Section 2 Article 2.9.
Section 2 Article 2.10.
Section 2 Article 2.11.
Section 2 Article 2.12.
Section 7 Article 7.3.

Australian Privacy Principle 2 - anonymity and pseudonymity

2.1 Individuals must have the option of not identifying themselves, or of using a pseudonym, when dealing with an APP entity in relation to a particular matter.
2.2 Subclause 2.1 does not apply if, in relation to that matter:
(a) the APP entity is required or authorised by or under an Australian law, or a court/ tribunal order, to deal with individuals who have identified themselves; or
(b) it is impracticable for the APP entity to deal with individuals who have not identified themselves or who have used a pseudonym.

According to the Section 2 Articles 2.4. and 2.5. of our Privacy Policy we exclude ourselves from the Subclause 2.1. of the 2nd Australian Privacy Principle according to the regulations of the Subclause 2.2. Section b).

Australian Privacy Principle 3 - collection of solicited personal information

We are authorized to collect the solicited personal information of our users according to the requirements of the Section 2 Articles 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, 2.4, and 2.5, including the Subclauses 3.1 and 3.2 of the 3rd Australian Privacy Principle.

Australian Privacy Principle 4 - dealing with unsolicited personal information

Section 2 Article 2.9.
Section 2 Article 2.10.
Section 2 Article 2.11.

Australian Privacy Principle 5 - notification of the collection of personal information

In order to ensure that our Users are fully aware that we may collect and use their private information our Privacy Policy clearly and in a completely transparent way urges them to read and accept our Privacy Policy before commencing to use our Services. In addition, our Users are strongly advised to carefully examine our Privacy Policy and its associated documents.

Australian Privacy Principle 6 - use or disclosure of personal information

This Principle is being regulated according to the Sections and Articles of a separate document Disclosure and Complaints Policy.

Australian Privacy Principle 7 - direct marketing

This Principle has been fulfilled according to the Section 2 Article 2.14. of our Privacy Policy and Subclause 7.2. Section c) of the 7th Australian Privacy Principle.

Australian Privacy Principle 8 - cross-border disclosure of personal information

At the moment we will provide our services only on a national level. However, this website is intended to offer its services for the international users with no limitation. As soon as such new events occur, we will update our Privacy Policy according to the 8th Australian Privacy Principle and inform all of our Users accordingly.

Australian Privacy Principle 9 - adoption, use or disclosure of government related identifiers

Section 13 Article 13.1.
Section 13 Article 13.2.

Australian Privacy Principle 10 - quality of personal information

Section 2 Article 2.6.
Section 15 Article 15.1.
Section 15 Article 15.2.
Section 15 Article 15.3.

Australian Privacy Principle 11 - security of personal information

Section 6 Article 6.1.
Section 6 Article 6.2.
Section 16 Article 16.1.
Section 16 Article 16.2.
Section 16 Article 16.3.
Section 16 Article 16.4.

Australian Privacy Principle 12 - access to personal information

Section 13 Article 13.1.
Section 13 Article 13.2.
Section 14 Article 14.1.
Section 15 Article 15.1.
Section 16 Article 16.4. Subarticle 16.4.1.
Section 16 Article 16.4. Subarticle 16.4.2.

Australian Privacy Principle 13 - correction of personal information

Section 15 Article 15.1.
Section 15 Article 15.2.
Section 15 Article 15.3.

1. Definitions

1.1. “Provider” according to the Terms

1.2. “Website” according to the Terms

1.3. “Platform” according to the Terms

1.4. “Services” according to the Terms

1.5. “Freelancers” according to the Terms

1.6. “Businesses” according to the Terms

1.7. “Users” according to the Terms

1.8. “Terms” according to the Terms

1.9. “Projects” according to the Terms

1.10. “Materials and Content” according to the Terms

2. Disclosure Policy

2.1. In accordance with the 6th Australian Privacy Principle and according to the recommendations included in the Privacy Fact Sheet 17 issued by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner of the Australian Government on January, 2014 We may disclose our User’s private and other relevant information for the primary purposes necessary for the functioning of our Website and Platform including the provision of our Services.

2.2. According to the same Principle We may disclose Your information for the secondary purposes when it is required by the law or some other authority. Each case of the secondary purpose disclosure will be followed by an appropriate notice for the User in question.

2.3. Please note that all details about the primary and secondary disclosure are being regulated according to this Policy, Terms and Privacy Policy.

2.4. Please be advised that according to the 6th Australian Privacy Principle and according to the recommendations included in the Privacy Fact Sheet 17 issued by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner of the Australian Government on January, 2014 we do not have an obligation to inform you about the disclosure of your private information in the following cases:

2.4.1. When you gave us Your permission to use Your personal information for the purpose of the direct marketing;

2.4.2. When it is required for the purposes of the government personal identifiers;

2.5. You are strongly encouraged to inform Yourself about the primary purposes for the disclosure of Your private information contained in Our Privacy Policy.

2.6. Please note that We cannot accept any of Your complaints associated with the disclosure directly related to the primary reasons essential for the functioning of our Website and Services. When it comes to the disclosure associated with the secondary reasons, all what is in our power is to provide you with an appropriate notice about these events.

2.7. The only option to express your disapproval with our Disclosure Policy is to prevent Yourself from the further use of our Website, Platform, and Services.

2.8. Please note that all of Our staff directly involved in the disclosure of Your private information is properly trained and fully aware about the requirements of the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) which are contained in schedule 1 of the Privacy Act 1988 (the Privacy Act) according to the requirements and recommendations issued by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner of the Australian Government on January, 2014.

2.9. In order to ensure the full transparency of our Disclosure Policy and disclosure actions We will post official and public announcements on our Website, from time to time. You are hereby advised to accept Our option for non-commercial newsletters or to visit our news webpages regularly.

2.10. Please be advised that you cannot rely entirely on our announcements as the main source of information in this matter. The information on our Website may not contain all relevant elements about Our disclosures.

2.11. Please be advised that the form, definitions and expressions used in these announcements on Our Website may differ more or less from our official Disclosure Policy.

2.12. We have taken all the measures possible to prevent any eventuality of Your private information leakage, including the unauthorized access to it. However, we cannot guarantee that these unwanted events will not happen at some point in time. For these reasons, you are strongly advised to submit and disclose only the private information, which is absolutely necessary for Our primary purposes. Do not disclose or submit your private information which is not crucial for Your use of Our Services or in any other way can seriously compromise Your situation.

2.13. Any eventuality of the potential disclosure of Your private information is being regulated according to Our Terms and Privacy Policy.

2.14. Please note that at this point We conduct business activities and provide the Services only on the national level. Therefore, Australian Privacy Principle 8 - cross-border disclosure of personal information will not be applied hereby.

3. Complaints Policy

3.1. We are committed on providing the best possible quality of Services to our Users. Therefore, you are strongly encouraged to contact us as soon as possible, regardless of the reason that makes you do not feel right about Our Website, Services and/or Platform.

3.2. Please note that the Complaints Policy is Our best mutual interest. You have every possible guarantee that Your complaints will not influence Your position in a negative manner or create a basis for unjustified actions on our behalf.

3.3. If you believe that Your complaint is justified feel free to submit it in a written form to the following email:

3.4. Please note that Your complaints regarding Your private information issues will be treated with the utmost care and as our top priority.

3.5. At this stage, You will receive an official letter on Our behalf in which We are informing You that You have initiated an official complaint procedure. We will also inform You about the identity of Our staff member who is taking care about Your complaint. Please note that for all of these actions it will take up to 7 (seven) working days to be fulfilled as being described hereby.

3.6. At the next stage, You will be offered with one or more possible solutions in order to deal with Your complaint adequately. You are absolutely free to accept one of Our options or to reject them with no consequences for Your status. In case, you choose to reject Our suggestions You are required to provide additional details regarding Your complaint or suggest a solution of Your own. Please note that We are not obliged to accept Your suggestions for resolving Your complaint. It is Our discrete right, whether or not we will accept Your suggestions and under which circumstances. This stage of Our complaints process usually takes up to 10 (ten) working days.

3.7. In the final stage, We will offer You one or more additional solution based on your additional information you submitted to us or based on your suggestions. At this stage, you are required to choose one of the offered solutions on our behalf. In case, you choose not to accept neither or our available options you have the following possibilities. The first is to treat Your complaint as officially closed. You will continue with the use of Our Website and Services with no possibility to raise Your previous complaint ever again. The second option is to exclude Yourself from the further use of our Website and Services. The final stage requires up to 10 (ten) working days to resolve adequately.

3.8. Please note that You are required to carefully examine all of Our legal documents, including Our Terms, Privacy Policy, Disclosure Policy, Compliance Statement before submitting any of Your complaints.